Mother is a Verb

Mother is a Verb

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Friggin' Guilt

I never used to get it when my mom would talk about feeling guilty... in fact, I thought it was ridiculous.  Then I had kids.  And not only did I start feeling guilty about two thirds of the time, but I also had pro-rated guilt from not respecting my mom's guilty feelings!

  I'm not Jewish or Catholic; well actually, I'm probably both based on what we know about our family's roots, but I wasn't raised with a lot of fire and brimstone. (One time I went to a Catholic church with a boyfriend as a teen, and after hearing the priest refer to us as lambs that were sinners, I indignantly swore I'd never set foot in a Catholic church again). 

Trying to decipher when the guilt is appropriate and when it is not is something I continue to struggle with.  This morning my eleven year-old is home sick from school.  He came home with a fever yesterday.  The day before his sister was home sick. And that was the same day that my older son and his partner finally went back to school after a 5 week winter break. It's been about two months since I've been home alone with my computer and my dog.  And I'm getting cranky.  It's not that I'm surprised that the winter crud, which our family has dodged for the most part, has finally landed here; it's just that I don't want to play Florence Nightingale this week. I want to play Emily Dickinson and hide in my room and write.
 Alas, there would be no blog, if there were no Plan B...

So let me take this opportunity to share another Plan B...

As I shared last week on my other blog, On a Wing or a Pair, I have recently met and fallen hard for mayoral candidate, Theresa Spahn!  Theresa is that perfect bridge between business and government that the city of Denver (and so many other cities) need at this moment in time.  She has the experience needed to understand the real implications of budget decisions, and the ability to implement plans while building and maintaining strong relationships with key players on all sides.

In order to devote enough energy to Theresa's campaign, I have decided to put my "book in blogress" on a new time-table; that may mean I have to change the title to 22 Years of Plan B, but how appropos...

I will be posting when I can, but not when I should.  I am pumped about this new focus and look forward to sharing the story of Theresa Spahn's successful campaign!  

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